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Vistaprint Birth Announcements Coupon: 25% Off

vistaprint logo blueCoupon for Birth Announcements from Vistaprint: If you’ve just welcomed a baby boy or girl into the world, then you’ll want to announce your joy to friends and family. Raising a baby hasn’t gotten any cheaper, so you’ll be happy to know that right now all invites and announcements are on sale at, as well as 12 new featured coupons at our Vistaprint coupon page!

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Personalized photo birth announcements from Vistaprint

You’ve just welcomed a new baby boy or baby girl into the world, and your head is spinning. (Unless this is your third baby, then you probably don’t have time to slow down and think about it!) In any event, your birth announcements that you send out will be the first time most of your friends and family see your bundle of joy, so it’s your one chance to make a first impression.

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A lot easier than printing birth announcements yourself

Personally, I made a rookie mistake with our first baby of deciding I could save a few bucks by printing out my own birth announcements, cutting out photos, and sending them. Well, that didn’t end well, and I only got about 20 of them mailed before I gave up. Fast forward to our third baby, and I didn’t even consider the whole DIY nonsense with three young kids and sleep deprivation.

Vistaprint makes it simple to customize existing templates for birth announcements, including personalized info for your baby’s date of birth, and details. A number of the designs even let you choose the color scheme. If you have a great picture already, check out their minimalist announcements that have just a little bit of text over top of your photo. Consider making your picture black and white for certain already colorful announcement templates.

Use original, high resolution photos in birth announcements

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No one likes a blurry baby

Make sure that your photo is high resolution; if you have exported a photo from Facebook or Instagram, it might not be high resolution enough, and could look blurry when printed out. Try to upload photos to Vistaprint directly from your camera or phone.

Also, you can choose between baby announcements with 1 photo, 3 photos, or multiple pictures.

Always use a coupon for birth announcements from Vistaprint!

Vistaprint has a good selection of inexpensive baby announcements with photos, as well as weekly coupons that can save you an extra 20% or more on your entire order, so why pay full price? You’re going to need that extra cash for diapers, formula, and baby hats will fuzzy ears sewn on.

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