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5 Ways Social Media Inspires Professional Photography

Did you know that we’re now uploading a staggering 1.8 billion photos to social media sites every day?

But how is the world of professional photography influenced by these user-created images? We’re here to tell you.

From reducing the need for fancy equipment to increasing authenticity, social media has had a huge impact on the kinds of photographs valued by the world’s biggest brands.

Keep reading to find out exactly how social media is changing and inspiring the landscape of photography.

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1. Being Innovative Is More Important

With so many images being shared all the time, taking a bog-standard snap just doesn’t cut it anymore.

To have any chance of standing out online, photographs need to be highly creative and unique.

This could mean anything from using an unusual piece of equipment, experimenting with composition, applying a unique filter, or choosing a rare location.

Photographs now have to make people stop scrolling and take notice, and that’s a big challenge.

2. Authentic Images Are Valued Highly

With the rise of social media, the popularity of staged, ‘perfect’ looking stock photos has quickly lost momentum – a trend some have called the death of the stock photo.

Say goodbye to models with pearly white teeth set against bright, white backgrounds, and say hello to pictures of real people in imperfect locations.

Brands have realized that posed, unrealistic images provoke little emotional response, and now favor candid images which look as though they were taken using a smartphone.

3. High-End Gear Isn’t Everything

Having the best camera was once a huge part of being a professional photographer, but that’s no longer the case.

Combine the increased accessibility of high-end equipment with the desire for authentic images, and you might find that a smartphone snap is more likely to sell than an uncreative image taken on the best SLR.

Professional photography is now more accessible than ever, but it’s also way more competitive.

4. Photographers Can Inspire Each Other Online

Connecting with other photographers is now as easy as tapping on a touchscreen, and finding inspiration has never been easier.

Photographers can check out rival snaps to get inspiration on everything from composition to locations, models to filters.

Sites like Pinterest are full of boards specifically created to help provide inspiration, and new trends can gain traction quickly.

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5. First-Person Shots Are More Popular

Modern photography is all about capturing a moment and feeling like you’re right there in the picture.

It’s no surprise, then, that first-person shots are becoming more and more popular.

These catapult viewers into the driving seat, creating a feeling of immersion that other photos just can’t achieve.

Has Social Media Been Good for Professional Photography?

The answer here is a resounding ‘yes’.

The proliferation of images on social media has increased creativity and innovation, lowered the entry barrier for new photographers, and helped create greater immersion for viewers.

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