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shutterfly coasters coupon

Gift Idea: Shutterfly Coasters + a 6-Pack of Beer or Bottle of Wine

shutterfly logo smallLooking for a great gift for Dad, or any beer or cocktail-drinker? Why not make some personalized drink coasters with your favorite photos at shutterfly.com, tie them with twine, and pair them with a six-pack of his favorite beer or bottle of champagne?

shutterfly coasters coupon

Coasters from Shutterfly – Don’t Forget to Use a Coupon!

shutterfly photo coastersFor the price of a cheap case of beer you can get a set of four coasters featuring 4 photos.

Favorite photos to feature might include:

  • vacation photos
  • a favorite dog or cat – even family dogs from the past
  • a favorite view; like a beach, river, or mountain
  • a prized car, boat, or motorcycle
  • scenes from a vacation or shore house
  • maybe go retro with photos from way back?
  • get artistic with closeups or Instagram filters
  • a sign for a favorite beach, bar, or restaurant

If you’re getting a gift for a spouse, you probably have dozens of great photos on your phones that would work. (Just don’t get caught looking through the pics on their phone!)

These would be a great wedding gift add-on (with a set of beer, hot chocolate, or wine glasses?) and of course, any parent or grandparent would love to see the kids or grand-kids photos on these.

Since these come in a set of 4, consider having a theme. Personally, I have more than enough great photo options from our last Disney trip!

Coasters are full color and glossy with a cork non-slip backing. You can also use them for hot drinks, and add a wooden stand to display the coasters.

Reviews for Shutterfly Coasters: Very Good

Most all of the reviews for these coasters are overwhelmingly positive. More than one person said that the coasters are so nice, they felt bad actually using them under a drink!

The only complaints that I found in the dozens of user reviews was that in the design interface on shutterfly.com; specifically that it’s low resolution, so you don’t see your photos as clearly as you might want, and you often can’t save the project to work on later.

*Photos courtesy of threelittlemonkeysstudio.com

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Shutterfly Prints Coupons: New Discounts

shutterfly logo smallNew coupons for prints from shutterfly.com: In the Bible, Moses commanded the evil Pharoah to, “let my people go!” This inspiring story should motivate all of us to liberate the hundreds of digital photos that are currently imprisoned on our phones. So, channel your own inner-Moses and lead your photos to freedom and salvation by finally having them printed at Shutterfly.

Right now there are a number of promotions going on, including several for 4×6 prints, and a number of other sizes as well. If you are a new customer, be sure to take advantage of their “50 free prints” offer below:

upload organize prints on shutterfly

quickly organize and print your digital photos

Did digital kill the photo print star?

photo prints shutterfly 4x6(Sorry kids; another 80’s reference there) Au contraire. One could argue that digital photos help make it much easier to print your favorite moments. Sure, it’s easy to share your captured smiles through the various social media outlets, (Facebook, etc) and photo-sharing sites, but nothing can replace holding a special memory in your hand. Not to mention that Grandma might not have access to Facebook –or know how to use it.

In my opinion, digital photos are similar to all the e-readers now available. They don’t come close to the real thing. Call me old-school, but I do prefer holding a photo in my hand or seeing it in a photo book rather than looking at them on a computer screen. Maybe it’s because I already sit in front of a computer most of every day.  You know what I’m talking about…

photo print of family

ok, some photos should never be printed

Easily upload and print your photos with Shutterfly

photo print sizesIt’s easier and quicker than you remember. Through online companies like Shutterfly & Snapfish, making prints of your digital photos is convenient, super easy and really cheap. Simply cozy up to your computer and choose a site like Shutterfly.com (ok, I’m partial to number one!) and they will walk you through uploading, organizing, editing, (optional) and printing your favorite photos.

Next follow the easy steps to upload one or all of your digital photos from all sources you have them on whether it is your phone, your computer or any social media. Personally I prefer to upload ALL of my photos on Shutterfly. They offer free and unlimited storage so I never have to worry about losing my precious memories or filling up my computer space. Plus this makes it REALLY easy and fast to print a photo in a pinch.

Always look for a coupon when you order prints

The competition for printing your digital photos online is intense, so never place an order for prints without taking advantage of a coupon of some kind. While small orders may not qualify, there are usually a few promotions to choose from at any given time. Print as little or as many pictures as you need and not a single extra. Only need 3 prints? Go ahead. It’s not like getting $2 worth of gas; Shutterfly won’t judge you or give you a nasty look. Need 300 prints? You can do that too, and you’ll probably qualify for free shipping.

Have your prints shipped, or pick them up for free

pickup photo prints free cvsThe best part about printing photos these days is the ease is which they are brought to me. With one click you can ship them directly to yourself or if you’re as thrifty as I am, ship them for free to a local retail pharmacy like CVS or Walgreens Photo Center. Besides getting them in your hands for free, they’re ready quicker. (Most of the time in an hour!)

Even though I’m dwelling on the 4×6″ and standard size prints, Shutterfly has a plethora of printing options. You can even turn your photos into art by printing them on wood. or easily add them to a mug or calendar. Adding a border or a caption is also free, and you can even print your Instagram photos in a photo book or on a variety of products. Never forget a detail or name when you take advantage of the free back-printing option that gives each of your pics a description.

Why not drop a print or two into your next letter?

Next time you send a card or letter to a friend or family member, why not add a photo with it? So go ahead, spend 0.15 cents on Grandma and send her a picture of your bundle of joy. It’s cheaper than the stamp, and It’ll make her day. Don’t hide your photos on your phone or computer anymore. Liberate them by printing and sharing them in a glorious diaspora of photo paper!

iphone cases from shutterfly

Photo iPhone Cases: 30% Off Promo Code for Shutterfly.com

shutterfly logo smalliPhone Case on Sale: 30% off code for Shutterfly.com – The average smartphone user checks their phone over 100 times every day. Since it’s such a popular gadget to stare at, why not make it worth looking at?

There is currently a great promotion going on at Shutterfly for a 30% discount on photo gifts, including custom iPhone cases. Although this specific sale ends in a week, we’ve noticed that there is always a coupon of some kind available, (look for free shipping) so be sure to check below for the best code or discount:

How to design an iPhone case at Shutterfly:

This video shows you just how simple it is to make a personalized iPhone case!

Click a thumbnail to view larger: (don’t forget to use a coupon!)

Personalized iPhone cases from Shutterfly – best value and quality

There are a few photo services, including Shutterfly, that offer a combination of value and quality for custom iPhone cases. (Check out coupons for Tiny Prints, their sister-site too) They make it easy to import pictures from your phone or digital camera, and their design tools are simple, but powerful to use. Because there are one or two other stores online that offer similar, exceptional quality, it’s important to use a coupon every time you place an order so that you get the best value possible. They fit the latest iPhones, too: whether it’s 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 7, and so on!

vintage iphone case piciPhone Cases – A great personalized photo gift idea

The statistics on how often people check their iPhones is shocking, but it shows you how indispensable these devices have become in our lives. While photo gifts like coffee mugs and calendars are a top notch idea, I’ll bet that the grandparents aren’t checking the calendar 100 times throughout the day! (and hopefully they’re not drinking that much coffee!)

In other words, customizing an iPhone with family photos, or other special pictures is a brilliant, yet practical gift idea which is going to remind your loved one of you throughout the entire day.

These cases are made pf tough plastic, and come with a removable silicone liner, giving your phone added protection. They allow you to charge your phone without having to adjust of remove the case.

personalized iphone case pic shutterflyNeed ideas for personalizing these iPhone cases?

I love simplicity, so the picture on my own iPhone features my 3 kids and the word, “love.” If you want to get more creative, or have more than one photo, consider the following:

  • A photo collage: Choose layouts of 8, or 15 of your pictures
  • Incorporate a monogram (like the first letter of your last name) to many of these designs
  • Photo(s) or your dog or cat – I must have 100 pics of my dogs on my phone as we speak, so why not feature them on the case too? My in-laws just brought their new puppy over, so I’m thinking of getting them an iPhone case with one of the great shots we took of him
  • Your favorite vacation spot – Odds are that you or a loved one enjoy being reminded of your favorite place in the world. Whether that is Disney World, the Caribbean, or your cottage in the woods
  • A filmstrip of 3 related pictures – There are multiple designs that allow you to feature a series of photos, like a filmstrip. Consider taking 3 or more pictures in a row that show different expressions or moments or even ultrasound pictures
  • Candid pictures – No need to have a pic where everyone is looking at the camera. Often, the candid ones have more personality
  • Vintage photos – How about a great photo of your family celebrating Christmas in the 1980s, or one of your mother holding you as a baby for a Mother’s Day gift? Try taking a picture of an old photo; usually it produces a sharp digital version
  • As Wedding party gifts – Feature your favorite pic of the gang, and give them away on your wedding day. Of course, an iPhone case featuring your wedding photo(s) would also make a memorable Anniversary gift too

Don’t forget to use a promotional code at checkout

There is nothing worse (ok, there is) than realizing that you forgot to use your coupon at the grocery store. Same thing is true here, and there are always coupons available, (updated every day) so you have no excuse to pay retail price!

filmstrip photo iphone case

photo wood wall art shutterfly

Print Photos On Wood: Wooden Wall Art Shutterfly Coupon

shutterfly logo smallPrint your photos on wood for a stunning, natural look – Did you know that you can have photo(s) printed and personalized on actual wood panels at Shutterfly.com? The result can be a gallery-quality piece of wall art for you home featuring one or more of your favorite photos. Printing your photos on wood allows the wood grain to come through, giving your photos a warm, rustic look.

While any wooden wall art is significantly more expensive than standard photo prints, they are a great option for truly meaningful pictures that will last a lifetime.

Print your favorite pictures on a wood panel

As I mentioned, printing on wood is never cheap, but for special occasions and gifts, this can be an amazing, creative idea. I guess you could call it a “DIY” (do it yourself) photo project, but it’s so simple that it only requires at least one great photo, and a few minutes of your time.

The wooden surface adds a rustic, warm, matte finish to your photos.

photo guyTip: The wood grain shows through best on lighter colors, and is much less visible on dark colors. Very light colors will also print darker than if printed on standard photo paper. For example, a pure white would print more as an ivory or vintage bisque color, although their “preview” tool is pretty accurate in showing you this.

Ideas for printing pictures on wood: Think of the most special photos that you have, and that might be a good place to start. How about these ideas:

  • Wedding photos – Not only of the event itself, but these would be a great gift for a couple that is getting married, or as a thank you gift from the bride and groom to their parents or wedding party
  • Travel photos to remember a special trip(s)
  • Family Photos – especially of the kids
  • Instagram pictures – They lend themselves well to this format, as they have a warm, vintage feel, much like natural wood
  • Panoramic photos – Yes, there is a size to print panoramic pictures, like those from your iPhone!
  • A photo of your vacation house or cabin – Do you have a beach house, or cabin in the mountains? This is an amazing way to remember it when you aren’t there
  • Christmas / Holiday presents – I easily spend $100 or more on my wife and Mom every Christmas / Hanukkah / Mother’s Day. What a great alternative to sending gourmet gifts or flowers
  • Pictures of flowers / Nature – Speaking of flowers; did you have an unforgettable bouquet at your wedding? Maybe there is a beautiful old, flowering tree on your property? You can preserve it for a lifetime on wood. Don’t forget to use a coupon!

panoramic wood photo artSize options for printing: There are at least a half dozen different sizes for these wood panels, starting at 8×10, available in landscape (horizontal), square, or portrait (vertical) orientation. Currently their sizes are:

  • 8×10″ – Their least expensive option
  • 10×14″
  • 12×12 – square formats are great for printing instagram pictures
  • 16×16″
  • 16×20 (most popular size)
  • 20×30,
  • 10×24 and 12×36″ (panoramic dimensions)
  • 24×36″ standard wall poster size

Please don’t forget to use a coupon code!

Premium printing isn’t cheap, so it’s even more important that you use a promo code at checkout for free delivery, or a significant discount.

wood wall art shutterfly vintage photoSee how that wood grain shows through on the lighter colors? These pics had a vintage filter from Instagram applied to them and then imported after logging in at Shutterfly.com

travel pictures printed on woodAdd custom text to most designs

shutterfly calendar coupons

Shutterfly Calendars Coupon: 40% Off Wall, Desk, Poster, or Photo Collage

The latest, greatest coupons for calendars at Shutterfly: You may already know that Shutterfly has the best photo calendar printing online, but did you know that every week they offer 9 coupons for some of their most popular items on their site? It’s true, and calendars are usually included. They always have a free shipping promotion too, and usually you only have to spend $25 to qualify:

How do you make a calendar at Shutterfly? It’s easy! (see above)
PC Magazine doesn’t just throw around Editor’s Choice awards, so it’s worth noting that Shutterfly wins for having the best personalized calendars online. They are my favorite too, and their easy design and professional quality is actually stunning.


shutterfly calendar designWall Calendars:

Here’s a quick overview of their wall calendar features:

  • Printed in 2 sizes; popular 11×17″ or square 12×12″ size
  • Start your calendar on any month. Great gift idea year-round
  • Scores of design and layout options
  • Personalize significant or special dates with text or a photo (these dates get saved for next year, too)
  • Feature one great photo, or a collage of up to 16 photos on one page
  • Desk calendars, and calendar posters are also available

sample backgrounds for shutterfly calendar

Here are some sample themes, with each month having its own background, as well as other design options:

popular photo calendar themes from shutterfly


Desk Calendars

shutterfly desk calendarDesk calendar features:

  • Customize each month with a favorite photo(s)
  • Calendars can begin on any month
  • Measures 5×11″ with a built in easel for display on your desk
  • Printed on heavy, quality cardstock

These spiral-bound desktop calendars from Shutterfly are great gifts any time of year for anyone who works at a business, or for the home office.

Choose from over 20 design themes, and add up to 4 photos in each month. These are a sweet way for Mom or Dad to be with the family, even when they are at work. View desktop calendars


Calendar Posters

shutterfly calendar postersShutterfly Poster calendars feature:

  • Two large format sizes: 16×20 and 20×30″
  • Choose from four designs
  • Great for collage; showcase up to 16 photos or more in a single calendar poster
  • View the whole year at a glance; great gift ideas

These are very large, high-quality prints that would look great on a wall, or even in a standard size frame. (just switch the poster out each year) *Note that unlike the wall calendars, you can’t customize specific dates.

Click here to view their poster calendars


photo calendar guyTip: If you’re thinking of having more than one photo calendar printed, compare today’s discount with the monthly free shipping promotion that can save you $6 or more. (Usually requires a minimum purchase of at least $25) Often times their calendars are eligible for more than one coupon.

Also, there are a lot of spots for photos, so why not include the family dog or cat in at least one, as well as putting their birthday on the calendar date?

Speaking of customized dates, consider not only adding popular holidays, but also fun ones like “family game night,” or “Christmas Eve at Grammy’s house.”

Apply a coupon and get up to a 40% discount
*Also check out free shipping coupon for calendars from Vistaprint

Heavy competition for your custom photo calendar dollars means that these printing services often have promotions and coupons to distinguish themselves and lower their prices. We built our site for this very reason; you should never place a printing order for calendars or any other custom printed item without first checking for coupons!

photo mugs shutterfly coupons

Coffee Mugs w/ Your Photos & New Colors

shutterfly logo smallPhoto Mugs on Sale: Up to 30% off at Shutterfly w/ coupon: One of the most popular gift ideas at shutterfly.com just got better. Now, these coffee mugs feature colored handles and insides, making them much more exciting and colorful.

Great gift idea for any occasion, just find a favorite digital photo, and use Shutterfly’s easy design tool to create a stunningly beautiful ceramic mug. At this price, you may want to get more than one printed!

How to make a photo mug at shutterfly.com – It’s so simple!
Click a thumbnail to view larger:

photo mug design with grid

simple grid design for a coffee mug

more coffee mugs from shutterfly

Want to be creative with these coffee mugs? Incorporate a child’s painting

add ainting to coffee mugIf you don’t have the perfect digital photo to use in these designs, or if the design you like requires more than one photo, consider using a favorite painting or drawing of one of your children. Just take a sharp photo of it with your smartphone, and upload it to shutterfly.com!

A few more ideas for gifting these photo coffee cups

  • Consider featuring your dog or cat on a mug – I have dozens of photos of our dogs on my phone. A fun gift for your significant other might be one of these mugs featuring funny photos of them.
  • Are you having a baby? You certainly could put your ultrasound photos on these mugs for yourself, or as a gift.
  • Are you getting married soon? The possibilities for these mugs are endless, and they’d would also work well if you’re looking for wedding gifts for your bridesmaids or groomsmen. Or, give them out at the rehearsal dinner for your wedding.
  • If you need printing for your wedding, check out today’s coupon codes for Wedding Paper Divas, the sister-site of shutterfly.com
  • Of course, you could score huge points giving one of these to your loved one on Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, or Mothers Day. Some of the squares in the grid designs lend themselves well to using Instagram photos

Don’t forget to use a promo code to save up to 30%

There’s something about receiving a practical gift that you can hold in your hands. While framed photos are always worth considering, I have a special affinity for the photo coffee mugs that my kids have given me. For some reason I associate a hot drink with good times of productivity or relaxation (depending on the time of day) and good times.

I drink tea on and off all day, then I have a cup of tea at night while watching the news. Not to mention that we drink gallons of hot chocolate during Winter months, especially after sledding in the snow. Consider that a greeting card from your local drugstore can set you back about $4 or more, so for about $12, these professional quality mugs are worth considering. The design tool for Shutterfly is extremely simple and user-friendly, so you don’t need to be computer savvy to achieve professional results.

color photo coffee mugAnyway, I’ve found that a personalized coffee mug is one of the best things a family member can give me in that price range. (You can even add chocolates if you are sending it as a gift.) My cabinet is starting to fill up with special mugs from over the years, and I can see how the printing quality has evolved recently. (the old ones from other photo services have faded already)

My favorite feature is the colored inside of the coffee cup, as I never was a huge fan of how stark white most ceramic mugs were until recently. I’ve only had my coffee mug for about two months, but it’s as sharp as the day I got it. You can also see if there are any good coupons for coffee mugs from Vistaprint here.