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Print Photos On Wood: Wooden Wall Art Shutterfly Coupon

shutterfly logo smallPrint your photos on wood for a stunning, natural look – Did you know that you can have photo(s) printed and personalized on actual wood panels at Shutterfly.com? The result can be a gallery-quality piece of wall art for you home featuring one or more of your favorite photos. Printing your photos on wood allows the wood grain to come through, giving your photos a warm, rustic look.

While any wooden wall art is significantly more expensive than standard photo prints, they are a great option for truly meaningful pictures that will last a lifetime.

Print your favorite pictures on a wood panel

As I mentioned, printing on wood is never cheap, but for special occasions and gifts, this can be an amazing, creative idea. I guess you could call it a “DIY” (do it yourself) photo project, but it’s so simple that it only requires at least one great photo, and a few minutes of your time.

The wooden surface adds a rustic, warm, matte finish to your photos.

photo guyTip: The wood grain shows through best on lighter colors, and is much less visible on dark colors. Very light colors will also print darker than if printed on standard photo paper. For example, a pure white would print more as an ivory or vintage bisque color, although their “preview” tool is pretty accurate in showing you this.

Ideas for printing pictures on wood: Think of the most special photos that you have, and that might be a good place to start. How about these ideas:

  • Wedding photos – Not only of the event itself, but these would be a great gift for a couple that is getting married, or as a thank you gift from the bride and groom to their parents or wedding party
  • Travel photos to remember a special trip(s)
  • Family Photos – especially of the kids
  • Instagram pictures – They lend themselves well to this format, as they have a warm, vintage feel, much like natural wood
  • Panoramic photos – Yes, there is a size to print panoramic pictures, like those from your iPhone!
  • A photo of your vacation house or cabin – Do you have a beach house, or cabin in the mountains? This is an amazing way to remember it when you aren’t there
  • Christmas / Holiday presents – I easily spend $100 or more on my wife and Mom every Christmas / Hanukkah / Mother’s Day. What a great alternative to sending gourmet gifts or flowers
  • Pictures of flowers / Nature – Speaking of flowers; did you have an unforgettable bouquet at your wedding? Maybe there is a beautiful old, flowering tree on your property? You can preserve it for a lifetime on wood. Don’t forget to use a coupon!

panoramic wood photo artSize options for printing: There are at least a half dozen different sizes for these wood panels, starting at 8×10, available in landscape (horizontal), square, or portrait (vertical) orientation. Currently their sizes are:

  • 8×10″ – Their least expensive option
  • 10×14″
  • 12×12 – square formats are great for printing instagram pictures
  • 16×16″
  • 16×20 (most popular size)
  • 20×30,
  • 10×24 and 12×36″ (panoramic dimensions)
  • 24×36″ standard wall poster size

Please don’t forget to use a coupon code!

Premium printing isn’t cheap, so it’s even more important that you use a promo code at checkout for free delivery, or a significant discount.

wood wall art shutterfly vintage photoSee how that wood grain shows through on the lighter colors? These pics had a vintage filter from Instagram applied to them and then imported after logging in at Shutterfly.com

travel pictures printed on woodAdd custom text to most designs