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Vistaprint New Year’s Cards: Sample Designs & New Coupons

logo vistaprint redNew Year’s Cards from Vistaprint: If you prefer not to be specific about religion in your holiday cards, consider sending out “new year’s” cards instead of Christmas cards. There are some nice, inexpensive options from vistaprint.com, and here are a few of our favorites:

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Vistaprint has Sharp, Inexpensive New Year’s Cards

There are over 100 New Year’s designs to sort through on vistaprint.com, and the selection is updated every year. Factor in the use of one of their weekly promo codes, and you might be paying half of what other discount printing companies charge.

vistaprint new years card

Why You Should Consider Sending New Year’s Cards This Holiday Season

My wife is Jewish, and I’m a non-practicing Catholic. Not only are we not fully into Christmas, but a lot of our friends and family aren’humb either. It’s not that our Jewish, or atheist family members would have an issue with receiving Christmas cards, it’s just that in this day and age there’s such of a variety of ways to celebrate the holidays, there’s no reason to make anyone feel left out.

This is just one reason we choose to send New Year’s cards instead of traditional Christmas cards. By doing so, you are celebrating the hope and excitement that accompanies the beginning of a new year, and not bringing religion into your holiday cards at all.

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We procrastinate, so New Year’s Cards Work better for us for the Holidays!

There are 101 things to do before Christmas actually arrives, so there isn’t a lot of time for us to write out and address holiday cards. Although we can’t postpone buying gifts, we can postpone when we send out our cards. It would look bad to receive “Christmas” cards on December 28th, but not so with New Year’s cards!

vistaprint new years holiday cards

The Post Office Is a Zoo Before Christmas, Anyway

Probably the biggest reason that we switched to sending New Year’s cards is the fact that I’d rather stab myself in the gut than go to the post office in the week leading up to Christmas. It’s just a horrible zoo filled with angry people sending gifts, which is ironic. When you send New Year’s cards, you can stroll into the post office on December 24th or 26th and totally skip the crowds.

Who cares if your cards aren’t going to get there before Christmas, which is originally Pagan holiday anyway! I’m sure the Pagans won’t mind if your cards don’t arrive before the Winter solstice! Tip: Store like Harry & David (get coupons) have awesome sales starting on Christmas day to get rid of their extra inventory!

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Use a Coupon for All Holiday Cards, Including New Years, at Vistaprint.com

As sure as you can count on suspicious children sitting on the laps of shady old guys who smell like whiskey every December, you can count on Vistaprint offering coupons and promotions every week. As soon as November rolls around, you’ll find on-site promo codes for up to 50% off or free shipping on holiday cards.

You can even add address labels, address stamps, mailing services, or business cards to your order with a minimal increase in the shipping cost. If you recently got married, consider using a wedding photo on your cards. You can find some great deals for Wedding Paper Divas here!