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Coffee Mugs w/ Your Photos & New Colors

shutterfly logo smallPhoto Mugs on Sale: Up to 30% off at Shutterfly w/ coupon: One of the most popular gift ideas at shutterfly.com just got better. Now, these coffee mugs feature colored handles and insides, making them much more exciting and colorful.

Great gift idea for any occasion, just find a favorite digital photo, and use Shutterfly’s easy design tool to create a stunningly beautiful ceramic mug. At this price, you may want to get more than one printed!

How to make a photo mug at shutterfly.com – It’s so simple!
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photo mug design with grid

simple grid design for a coffee mug

more coffee mugs from shutterfly

Want to be creative with these coffee mugs? Incorporate a child’s painting

add ainting to coffee mugIf you don’t have the perfect digital photo to use in these designs, or if the design you like requires more than one photo, consider using a favorite painting or drawing of one of your children. Just take a sharp photo of it with your smartphone, and upload it to shutterfly.com!

A few more ideas for gifting these photo coffee cups

  • Consider featuring your dog or cat on a mug – I have dozens of photos of our dogs on my phone. A fun gift for your significant other might be one of these mugs featuring funny photos of them.
  • Are you having a baby? You certainly could put your ultrasound photos on these mugs for yourself, or as a gift.
  • Are you getting married soon? The possibilities for these mugs are endless, and they’d would also work well if you’re looking for wedding gifts for your bridesmaids or groomsmen. Or, give them out at the rehearsal dinner for your wedding.
  • If you need printing for your wedding, check out today’s coupon codes for Wedding Paper Divas, the sister-site of shutterfly.com
  • Of course, you could score huge points giving one of these to your loved one on Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, or Mothers Day. Some of the squares in the grid designs lend themselves well to using Instagram photos

Don’t forget to use a promo code to save up to 30%

There’s something about receiving a practical gift that you can hold in your hands. While framed photos are always worth considering, I have a special affinity for the photo coffee mugs that my kids have given me. For some reason I associate a hot drink with good times of productivity or relaxation (depending on the time of day) and good times.

I drink tea on and off all day, then I have a cup of tea at night while watching the news. Not to mention that we drink gallons of hot chocolate during Winter months, especially after sledding in the snow. Consider that a greeting card from your local drugstore can set you back about $4 or more, so for about $12, these professional quality mugs are worth considering. The design tool for Shutterfly is extremely simple and user-friendly, so you don’t need to be computer savvy to achieve professional results.

color photo coffee mugAnyway, I’ve found that a personalized coffee mug is one of the best things a family member can give me in that price range. (You can even add chocolates if you are sending it as a gift.) My cabinet is starting to fill up with special mugs from over the years, and I can see how the printing quality has evolved recently. (the old ones from other photo services have faded already)

My favorite feature is the colored inside of the coffee cup, as I never was a huge fan of how stark white most ceramic mugs were until recently. I’ve only had my coffee mug for about two months, but it’s as sharp as the day I got it. You can also see if there are any good coupons for coffee mugs from Vistaprint here.