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The Best iPhone Filters (2017) to Make Your Photos Go, “POP!”

Best photography apps / filters for iPhones: Do you want to turn a good photo on your iPhone into a great photo? You’ll need to discover the best iPhone filters, then.

Whether you want to have a little fun, cover up a flaw or create an unusual effect, there’s a filter to match your needs. For this reason, we are taking a look at the best free or low-cost filters on the App store to put a unique twist on your iPhone snaps.

VSCO Cam Is One of the Best iPhone Filters:

vscocam iphone app

“VSCO has quickly emerged as the premier mobile photography app.” – The Verge

If you’re looking for a range of iPhone filters to choose from, you need to take a look at VSCO Cam.

It offers the largest collection of unique filters and effects, which you can crop and edit as much as you like. There are various readily-available free filters, but you can also buy extra filters, too.

VSCO Cam also often update the app with new effects and filters. Don’t expect to become bored with the same-old filters, because you won’t have time to be.


litely iphone app

Litely is similar to VSCO Cam in that you can choose from free and for sale filters.

The extra filter packs are updated on a regular basis, so it’s great if you want to avoid filter boredom. It also offers a handy library that contains all your photo edits, so you can go back to recover an image.

One of the biggest benefits is Litely’s editing tools, as you can improve exposure or vibrancy with ease.

You can also see how the edit compares to the original with the split screen feature.

It’s one of the best iPhone filters if you want to make subtle changes rather than fully-enhancing your photos.


afterlight iphone photo app

Another filter app that allows you make subtle changes is Afterlight.

You can choose from more than 50 filters and 60 textures to create tasteful snaps. It also offers basic editing tools to transform an image.

What makes Afterlight stand out is its ability to layer photos over each other. So, if texture is important to you when selecting filters, look no further than Afterlight.


snapseed best photo iphone app

If you are looking for iPhone filters that offer endless possibilities, download Snapseed by Google.

It provides so many different effects and filters that you could spend all day altering images.

What’s great about Snapseed is that you can use multiple filters on one photo. Once you have achieved your desired image, you have the option to either export it to your camera roll or share it with your friends.


mextures best iphone photo app

Another app allowing you to combine filters is Mextures.

You can tone layered images by adding editing or film presents, such as:

  • Fade
  • Exposure
  • Tint
  • White balance

Also, as you can layer on top of layer, you will be able to restore the image to its original state by deleting a layer or two.

It’s the perfect app for those looking for dramatic iPhone filters with many layers.


Instagram is more than just a photo filter app.

It has become one of the most popular social media platforms due to its flexible photo capabilities.

More than 500 million people use Instagram to share photos with their followers. The free app allows you to use free filters to alter brightness, saturation and contrast.

Once you’re happy with your photo, you can share it with your followers, who can like or comment on the image.

You can even tag locations onto your photos – or search for other images or members on the app.

Click here to learn how to print your Instagram photos.

Rookie Cam:

best photo iphone apps rookie

Rookie Cam offers a live filter camera to maximize picture quality.

As well as its 116 custom filters, it also features:

  • Geo-tagging
  • Anti-shake
  • Self-timer
  • Shutter interval control
  • Grid and leveler
  • Mirror Mode
  • plus more

You can also create stunning collages to capture many moments in a single photo. It allows you to add 9 photographs into one frame.

Choose from 10 unique filter themes to have a little fun and show off your creativity. For instance, you can use an elegant mode or a film camera to create superb shots.

Not only that, but you can crop, rotate, brighten, straighten and contrast your pictures.

Whether you want to have a little fun or create professional shots, you’ll have a great time playing with the Rookie Cam app.

Adobe Photoshop Express:

photoshop express iphone filter
If you want to remove any flaws from your photos, you should download Adobe Photoshop Express.

The free app can remove facial blemishes, dirt or dust from your photo in an instant.

You can also adjust the image’s exposure, contrast or white balance at the click of a button.

It makes editing photos a doddle, and it offers 20 unique effects to make your images a little more fun.

For instance, you can choose from various borders and frames that will make an image pop.

It’s a great way to edit photos for social media, email or texts.


eyeem iphone filter

EyeEm is more than a filter app. It’s more like a community.

Not only can you transform your photos with many features, but you can find inspiration.

The app allows you to learn how other EyeEm photographers edit their photographers. You can then apply the new-found knowledge into your own snapshots.

So, you’ll be able to alter a photo by effectively using exposure, format, contrast, sharpen and more.

How to Print Your Photos

Smartphones have made it easier than ever to take professional looking photos. While third-party apps have made it simple to transform images in an instant.

Yet, you don’t only have to use the images online.

If you have a photo you love, print your favorite snaps using websites such as Shutterfly or Snapfish (get coupons) .

You can use the images for a photo canvas, wall calendar or you can frame your best images.

It’s a great way to showcase your beautiful photos using your filters, and they can also make great gifts, too.

If you are a photographer, consider having some cheap business cards on hand, as you never know when you might get a gig.

Vistaprint has a deal for 500 business cards for $10 + shipping, so cost is no issue. You know that sounds good!

Just taking photos for personal use? You can even save money by using a Shutterfly coupon codes, which will allow you to print off more photos for your cash.

Do you have any tips for using iPhone filters? Share your advice in the comment section below.

shutterfly coasters coupon

Gift Idea: Shutterfly Coasters + a 6-Pack of Beer or Bottle of Wine

shutterfly logo smallLooking for a great gift for Dad, or any beer or cocktail-drinker? Why not make some personalized drink coasters with your favorite photos at shutterfly.com, tie them with twine, and pair them with a six-pack of his favorite beer or bottle of champagne?

shutterfly coasters coupon

Coasters from Shutterfly – Don’t Forget to Use a Coupon!

shutterfly photo coastersFor the price of a cheap case of beer you can get a set of four coasters featuring 4 photos.

Favorite photos to feature might include:

  • vacation photos
  • a favorite dog or cat – even family dogs from the past
  • a favorite view; like a beach, river, or mountain
  • a prized car, boat, or motorcycle
  • scenes from a vacation or shore house
  • maybe go retro with photos from way back?
  • get artistic with closeups or Instagram filters
  • a sign for a favorite beach, bar, or restaurant

If you’re getting a gift for a spouse, you probably have dozens of great photos on your phones that would work. (Just don’t get caught looking through the pics on their phone!)

These would be a great wedding gift add-on (with a set of beer, hot chocolate, or wine glasses?) and of course, any parent or grandparent would love to see the kids or grand-kids photos on these.

Since these come in a set of 4, consider having a theme. Personally, I have more than enough great photo options from our last Disney trip!

Coasters are full color and glossy with a cork non-slip backing. You can also use them for hot drinks, and add a wooden stand to display the coasters.

Reviews for Shutterfly Coasters: Very Good

Most all of the reviews for these coasters are overwhelmingly positive. More than one person said that the coasters are so nice, they felt bad actually using them under a drink!

The only complaints that I found in the dozens of user reviews was that in the design interface on shutterfly.com; specifically that it’s low resolution, so you don’t see your photos as clearly as you might want, and you often can’t save the project to work on later.

*Photos courtesy of threelittlemonkeysstudio.com

Related coupons:

where to print instagram photos

Where Can You Print Instagram Photos? 4 Ways It’s Hip to Print Square

print instagram logoWhere can you print Square Instagram Photos Online?

I was recently on Instagram looking at dog photos, and saw that they currently host over 30 million photos tagged as #dog. Smartphone users are uploading a lot of pictures to Instagram / Webstagram, and they are being seen online, but most of these amazing photos will never get printed.

The good news is that the big online photo services are starting to get hop to square photos, as until recently, there were no square sizes to choose for printing. Between the vintage filters, and the square shape, these prints can end up having a nostalgic attraction like the Polaroid pics we used to take as kids.

Here are a few of the best options for printing your Instagram photos:

square instagram prints from snapfish

Snapfish – Instagram

Snapfish does a great job of handling your Instagram photos. After uploading them to Snapfish.com, (they have a free mobile phone app) check out their new “Deco Prints,” available in square, 4×4″ size. (shown above)

Deco prints are printed on premium, heavy cardstock, and coated with a velvet-soft matte finish. Perfect for those retro-looking Instagram filtered pics. Right now they are running a promotion so these run about 50 cents each, which will probably go up soon. Look for a coupon to bring that back down.

walgreens instagram photo printingWalgreens Photo – Instagram

Maybe Walgreens isn’t as cool as some of the hipster photo sites out there, but they do print square photos (4×4″ and 8×8″) from your Instagram pics.

Easily upload photos from your smartphone (or other photo sharing sites) to their site, you can pick these up at a Walgreens photo center in only an hour, or have them shipped to you.

Like the other top photo printing services, you can choose to print your square Instagram photos on dozens of gifts like photo mugs, photo calendars, and many more.

walgreens photo square prints


shutterfly instagram

Shutterfly – Instagram

shutterfly square instagram photoI was disappointed to see that Shutterfly isn’t offering square prints yet, but they look like they are on the verge. They have a wide selection of photo gifts specifically designed to incorporate your square Instagram photos, (Instagram photo gifts here) and make it easy to upload photos directly from Instagram.

You can also easily incorporate them into standard photo calendars, photo mugs, and even birthday

Among the printing options are 8×8 and 12×12″ scrapbook pages, a large square 12×12″ acrylic or canvas print, if you are looking to frame a photo, or hang it on the wall.

Note: If you want to print 4×4″ square prints, (of your Instagram photos) you need to download the Shutterfly iPhone App from iTunes store! It looks like you can’t access the 4×4″ printing option otherwise. They seem to push Instagram users to the app, as almost all square photos are probably coming from Instagram on smart phones, and it’s just easier that way.

If you are using Shutterfly’s website (not the app) to print them, be sure to crop the image down to a square, (using their “custom crop” tool) and try using a black background. Before adding them to your cart, I recommend using the “matte” paper, especially if you’ve applied a filter to the pictures.

You’ll probably end up hand trimming the black border off, which isn’t a big deal, especially if you’re putting them into a square frame. You’ll save money this way too, as standard 4×6″ prints are cheap to print.

where to print instagram photos


instagram picture posterEven though it’s confusing typing in that domain name, it’s worth your trip if you are considering printing your cool little square pictures.

Printstagr.am reminds you to “make squares not war” when you arrive at their site, so printing Instagram pictures and photo gifts / products is the focus of their whole business.

Besides various prints, (including cool mini prints) they also offer photo books, mini photo books, stickers, frames and posters which can feature dozens of pics at once. Pretty cool! Check them out here

Where to Print Instagram Photos

I plan on adding to this post soon, as the landscape for printing Instagram photos is changing quickly as photo services adapt to this wildly popular new photography format.

If you have any suggestions or tips on how to print Instagram photos, please just drop us a comment below:

shutterfly pillow coupons

Shutterfly Pillow Coupon + 7 Reasons Pillows Make Great Gifts

shutterfly logo smallPersonalized photo pillows from shutterfly: If you are looking for a special, personalized gift for a friend or family member, you might not think of personalizing a pillow, but they make amazing gifts. Whether you are giving one to your husband for an anniversary, or featuring a favorite Instagram photo for your kids bedroom, these beautiful pillows look great in any room.

Right now there are several promotional codes at Shutterfly.com that can save you up to 40% on a photo pillow, or store-wide discounts including free shipping. Check them out below:

photo pillows

Personalized pillows featuring your favorite photos

personalized photo pillow from shutterfly

beautiful, sharp colors

I was looking on Pottery Barn’s website last night for a gift, admiring their great photo pillows. Their pillows featured great photos of beach scenes, and hip chevron stripe designs. They also have some fun pillows with different dog breeds that you can personalize with text.

It wasn’t until I contemplated buying one of these $40-60 pillows that the idea occured to me to make one myself with my own photo. We just got back from a vacation in California, so why should I settle for a generic beach scene when I can choose from dozens of great pics that I took, including a few beautiful shots that include our kids?

Well, needless to say, I ended up choosing one of my son taking surfing lessons for his room, and a great shot of the Santa Monica pier that will be a great birthday gift for my wife. When I used the available 30% off coupon, these personalized pillows actually cost significantly less than the generic ones I was considering buying!

Photos on the pillow have sharp, vibrant colors

black white photo pillow

click for larger photo

It wasn’t long ago that the only option for printing on a pillow limited you to a blank square area in the middle of a a solid-colored pillow. This wasn’t bad, but it looked like someone had stuck a photo print on a boring store-bought pillow.

This certainly isn’t the case with Shutterfly, and as a man who played football in high school, I never thought I would actually get this excited about home decor! They have dozens of template design options including pattern borders and photo collages. You can even choose a black and white photo. Their pillows also feature a removable machine washable cover, hidden zipper, and choice of black or ivory colored back.

A few photo pillow gift ideas

In all seriousness, I’m going to design a couple more of these in the future for Christmas gifts. They won’t lose relevance after a year like the photo calendars that I’m used to giving (we’ll still do those for the grandparents!) and they are really practical. (Everyone has a spot on a chair or couch for a throw pillow, right?) Anyway, here are just a couple of ideas:

  • Kids’ rooms – Do you have a theme in your kids’ bedrooms? A photo of my son learning how to surf goes perfectly in his room that has a beach theme
  • Wedding / Anniversary – Personalize a pillow with a favorite wedding photo that is too good to stay hidden in an album or photo book. Consider black and white if you use a color border or pattern. (Use a promo code!)
  • Travel – If you have a favorite vacation spot, consider a photo collage featuring you favorite pics. A picture of a sunset, architecture, boat, or marketplace is great too.
  • Pets – These look amazing with one or more pictures of your dog or cat. Even better, give someone a pillow that features their pet; you can even customize the text
  • Instagram pictures – Those cool retro filters can produce awesome square instagram photos
  • Quotes & Lyrics – Feel free to customize a pillow with text, including a favorite quote or lyric from a song
  • Thank you gifts – We just stayed overnight at a friend’s house and took some memorable photos. One of those would be a great way to say, “thanks.”

Don’t forget to use a coupon at Shutterfly.com

Looking for the perfect photo to use? Check out National Geographic’s photo tips for inspiration. When ordering from Shutterfly, there is often a promo code available for free shipping on orders of $30+, so that is worth considering in this case. Also, look for coupons with a percentage discount towards photo gifts or home decor, as these would qualify.

shutterfly instagram

Instagram Photo Books & Gifts at Shutterfly: Get Promo Code

instagram shutterfly iphone caseShutterfly Coupons for Instagram Photo Books & Gifts – I’m guessing that if you have an iPhone, some of your best photos might be on Instagram. This is great, but as you know, Instagram photos are square, and not a standard size. No problem, as Shutterfly not only has a ton of options for uploading and printing Instagram photos, but also featured weekly promo codes and coupons to save on your order:

instagram pics printed at shutterfly

instagram shutterfly photo mugA while back my wife and I started really getting into Instagram. Apparently we aren’t exactly pioneers, as millions of people use the popular app to make their favorite photos look retro and square. But, there’s the rub. You can’t print Instagram or Webstagram photos at a standard size, so most of those awesome photos never make it onto actual photo paper. (Need inspiration? Check out these cool Instagram photos highlighted on Shutterfly’s blog from last summer)

The good news is that Instagram has become much too popular for the top photo services like Shutterfly to ignore. Long story made short, now you have options of what to do with the plethora of great Instagram / webstagram photos that are collecting virtual dust on your iphone, the most popular of which is to put them in photo books or even as magnets.

They even have an app so you can quickly hash tag and transfer your favorite Instagram photos over to Shutterfly.com! Before you do so, grab one of our featured promo codes, and get up to a 50% discount on your order at or free shipping at Shutterfly.

photo book instagram shutterfly

Sample instagram photo book from shutterfly

*If you’re really into the retro look, check out the latest discount codes for Tiny Prints, (their sister-site) and make stylish invitations and announcements from your Instagram photos! They have some really cool vintage-inspired designs