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Photography Nomad? The Ultimate Guide to Taking Pictures Like a Pro

Every 60 seconds, Facebook users upload over 100,000 photos. Some of those images aren’t the best because not everyone is a skilled photographer. 

You don’t want to be the photography nomad with the bad pictures. You want to be the one everyone follows on Facebook and Instagram because of your beautiful shots. Continue reading this article to learn everything about taking pictures like a pro.

Taking Pictures Like a Pro

When you’re traveling, you won’t always have a big camera with you to catch epic photos. You need to learn how to take good pictures using your phone.

The good news is that modern smartphones have cameras that are far beyond many of the top cameras available years ago. 

1. Use Natural Light

When you take photos at night, it’s easy to flip on the phone’s flash. Flash doesn’t do justice to people or things at night. If you must use flash, do it during the day to play with shadows.

Natural light is almost always the best option when you’re taking photos on the go. Imagine taking photos from a moving bus and getting the light streaks from the street lights. You don’t need your flash to catch amazing photos.

Always keep in mind that midday lighting is not your friend. You want to shoot when the sun is coming up or going down. This light is most flattering, and you get the most beautiful shots if you use the light properly.

2. Leave Your Grid Lines On

If you’re tired of crooked photos and going through the straightening process when you’re editing, say hello to your grid lines.

In your phone, under your settings, you can turn grid lines on. The settings are different from phone to phone, but when you turn your grid lines on, it will allow you to pay more attention to where the subject is in your photo.

3. Look for Patterns

When you’re out on your next walk, look around and see what photo patterns you notice. Maybe there are fire hydrants a certain distance from each other or a storefront that was designed in a pattern.

Our eyes love patterns in photos as they make the pictures enjoyable to look at. 

4. Pay Attention to Where You Position Your Subject

The grid lines are very helpful when you’re trying to be conscious of where your subject is positioned. Play around with different amounts of negative space and different types of subjects.

When you’re traveling, you’re likely to see many things that you aren’t used to seeing. You will have a fresh perspective on the subject, so try a few positions on your photo and see which one speaks to you the most.

5. Don’t Be Afraid of Editing

Editing your photo to make it look beautiful is an extra step you should take. Not everyone may like your editing job, but what’s most important is that you love it. 

People are often afraid to get the editor out because they might mess up their photo. If you’re concerned about it, just save another copy and use it if there are any problems with the final version. 

6. Use Tripods

Tripods are your friend and will allow you to get the most amazing group shots without trying to break your arm doing a selfie. Even selfie sticks aren’t the best when you want a high-quality photo.

There are different sizes of tripods you can use depending on what kind of photos you want to take. If you don’t plan on getting huge group shots, then you probably don’t need a tall tripod.

For travel nomads, a short tripod is often enough to get by with — and it isn’t hard to carry one with you.

7. Plan Your Shot for Success

If you want to get an amazing shot, you need to plan for success. Think of a few photos you would like to get on your trip and plan out how you see them in your mind. Next, see if there are other similar photos online. 

Use other photos to inspire you, but your pictures will get the most attention if they are unique. 

8. Try Out New Settings

Your camera likely has settings you’ve never explored before. See what the camera settings do so you can get the most amazing photos for the style of photography you choose. 

If you don’t play around with the settings, you may miss some of the most amazing shots in your future. You don’t have to waste a beautiful travel day trying out settings. You can bring another camera for the real shots that you’re used to getting and change up the settings on another camera.

9. Floaty Backdoor

Your GoPro doesn’t float. You don’t want to lose it. You want the floaty backdoor. 

When you use the floaty backdoor, even if your GoPro falls off in the ocean, you can easily retrieve it. Your camera wouldn’t be an easily replaceable piece of equipment, especially if you recorded some awesome footage you haven’t taken off the SD card yet.

10. Get Those Photos

You don’t want all of your photos on the web, do you? You can order your photos online through Walgreen’s or other companies. Walgreen’s photo shipping is reliable and doesn’t take too long, so check it out.

Do You Love All Things Photography?

Photography isn’t a hobby but a passion. Taking pictures allows you to express yourself and show your unique version of the world to other people.

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