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Funny Holiday Cards Idea: Staged Theme Park Photos

Idea for Funny Holiday Cards: Theme Park Photos – If you’ve been to any theme park, your familiar with how they take photos of your group on the rides; hoping you’ll buy it when the ride is over. Sure, you’ve probably posed for these photos before; maybe a thumbs-up to the camera just as you’re on the biggest drop on the roller coaster.

So, since your getting a family photo anyway, why not stage it, and make it your holiday card? People get dozens of predictably pleasant Christmas and Holiday cards a year with kids in button down shirts smiling. So, why not take the opportunity this year to do a funny staged photo at a theme park for your annual holiday cards?

Getting a Good Staged Theme Park Photo

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It doesn’t take much in the way of props to get a great group photo. You’re probably walking around Disney, 6-Flags, or Hershey Park with a bag or two anyway. So, why not throw in some props while you’re at it? Masks, glasses, or wigs are always a good option to consider.

Board Games on a Roller Coaster – How About Jenga or Chess?

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Roller coasters are probably the worst place in the world to play a board game like Monopoly, Jenga, or Chess, so it ends up being a funny photo if you can get it.

How do you get a good picture on a roller coaster with one of these unsteady games? You’re going to have to use glue! You might even need super glue if you’re going to fold up a board game or hold Jenga together. Don’t risk ruining the whole thing if your Elmer’s glue doesn’t hold up to splash of the Flume ride, or the 60 mph roller coaster turns!

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More Funny Staged Theme Park Photo Ideas

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Ok, so your staged photo didn’t turn out like you thought, or maybe something went terribly wrong. That’s alright, it’s all part of the fun. When my family and I tried to stage a funny photo for the first time, we went on a roller coaster three times in a row. If you didn’t get a perfect shot, consider working one or more of them into a multi-photo card, or put the series of them on the back of the card as out-takes!

Funny theme Park Photos; Not Just on Holiday / Christmas Cards – How About Save the Dates or Invitations?

I think these photos are a great idea for the Holidays, but would certainly work for other occasions as well. For example, how about a photo like this on your save the date cards?

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