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Share our Shutterfly coupons; get 5 free Chairman Meow Stickers!

Do you have a friend who might appreciate saving up to 50% from Shutterfly?
(Or, maybe you just wish for Cat world-domination?)

Just share our coupon page on Google+, a public Facebook page, or Pinterest, and we’ll send you 5 stickers. Plus. we’ll donate $0.50 to the ASPCA for every “like” or share or any sort!

  1. Click on the Google+ or Pinterest icon on the Shutterfly coupons page (not this page)
  2. Share the page
  3. Send an email to “obeythekitty(at)” with the subject line reading “free stickers.” Please include a link to your Google + or Pinterest page in the email along with a mailing address.
  4. Spread Chairman Meow propaganda around the world!

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Chairman Meow is friendly, militant cat who envisions a future of feline world-domination. (Also, free tacos and no mosquitos) You can support Great Leader Meow’s vision by spreading his propaganda.

More Chairman Meow propaganda here

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