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Ever See a Dumpster-Diving Bald Eagle? Great Symbolic Photo!

Bald eagle dumpster diving. If you search for photos of bald eagles, you’ll likely find inspiring photos of them soaring through the air, or perched high above the earth, confidently surveying their “kingdom.”

Bald eagles are mythical, majestic creatures. To native Americans, they symbolize “man’s connection to the divine” because it flies higher than any other bird.

Bald Eagle: Symbol of America

bald eagle usaWhen modern Americans think of a bald eagle, they can’t help but think of its role as the emblem of the American Empire itself. In fact, it was chosen shortly after the Revolutionary War ended to represent the young country because of its great strength, long life, and majestic appearance.

Bald eagles also represent freedom, as they often perch at the top of lofty mountains in solitary grandeur.

While they are, undeniably an impressive bird, the reality is that no animal can live up to such an idealized perfection and majesty.

In fact, Ben Franklin once described the bald eagle as, “a bird of bad moral character, (who) does not get his living honestly” referring to the fact that the bald eagle often steals his meals from other birds who have done the actual hunting.

(That’s why he mentioned in a letter that the turkey would make a better symbol of America)

I think that’s why I like this photo so much. It’s like living in America only having seen heroic paintings and marble busts of George Washington, and then seeing a photo of George in his underwear. It’s a great juxtaposition of two objects of the highest and lowest esteem, forcing us to question idealism vs reality:

For those of us who worry about our country’s unsustainable debt, or our controversial role as the World’s Policeman, perhaps you’ll see sobering symbolism (of a post-Apocolyptic America?) in this photo of a dumpster-diving bald eagle.

*Or, maybe you’re just a NY Giants fan, and like the idea of forwarding this post to a friend in Philadelphia? 

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