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4 Event Photography Tips for Taking Guests’ Photos

As a creative, event photography may not be the inspiration you’re looking for to get the creative juices flowing.

But, what creative doesn’t love a challenge right? Despite this type of photography being a little on the mundane side, there are plenty of perks to taking on a job of this kind.

Events generally run on a schedule, this means that you will know that to expect when it comes to setting up your shot list. Once you have filled your quota of pre-requisite shots for the event, this leaves more time for creativity!

In order to nail your shot list and move onto the creative stuff, here are a few event photography tips to get you started.

What to Expect From an Event Photography Gig

As a photographer, you will need to know what kind of event you are shooting. Along with this, you may need do a little research into what the event could entail.

Common events which require photography include:

  • Corporate events
  • Fundraisers
  • Conferences
  • Special occasion events i.e. milestone birthdays, anniversaries
  • Volunteer days
  • Field outings
  • Concerts / performances

Very often it will be a company marketing co-ordinator who will set-up the photography gig.

In essence, they are looking at you to photograph the success and smooth running of the event. Your event photography shots should include:

  • The lay-out and set-up of function rooms, promotional signage and items.
  • Both posed and candid shots of guests, especially VIPs and executives.
  • Both wide angle and close-up shots of event speakers.
  • Engaged and enthusiast looking guests.
  • Shots which portray the event was a success and well-attended.

It’s important to remember that every event varies, while the types of people attending each event, also varies.

This in itself can make for a challenge. That’s why a little research and a few event photography tips can help.

Essential Event Photography Tips

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1. Do Some Research

Do a reconnaissance of the venue and become familiar with areas with the best angles for your shots.

Study the lighting of a venue, including set-up lighting and natural lighting. Maximize the use of good, natural lighting while you can.

Don’t forget to do a little research on what the event is about and who the big players are. You will need to know who is important to photograph!

2. Have a Game Plan

This includes always arriving early so you can scout out the space and plan your shots.

Before you begin shooting, have a plan for when things go a little off schedule. Think of ideas on how to fill time or make-up time!

Even if you are just photographing the event, you are still an event attendee.

If you are part of a VIP guestlist, such as the Montezuma guestlist, you’ll want to look the part. Make sure you dress appropriately for each event and always act professionally.

3. Bring the Right Gear

One of our most important event photography tips? Do your job properly by using the correct gear!

If you are photographing an event, make sure to bring the right lenses such as:

  • A mid-range zoom lens, with a wide aperture
  • A lens designed for low-light photography
  • A wide-angle lens appropriate for large group shots

When using a flash, avoid your camera’s build-in flash. Stick to using external stand flashes for a more flattering effect.

4. Mix Up Your Shots

A good way to look like an amateur photographer is to only take shots from one perspective!

Remember to mix things up by using multiple angles. Ensure you capture wide, medium and tight shots for all events.

Wide shots are ideal for large groups of people or capturing the lay-out of an event.

Medium shots allow you to capture the action of an event, and tight shots capture finer details.

Become a Master of Event Photography

Is event photography the most exciting part of being a professional photographer? The honest answer is no.

But with enough research and preparation, you can make room for a little creativity!

Check out our blog for top tips on photography hacks, ideal for any occasion!

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